Charles Lindbergh Invited Us On Vacation

When you are in your mid-late thirties and without children you are free to take different kinds of vacations than your peers.  Add to the preceding the love for aviation and your vacation might be at the request of Charles A. Lindbergh.
On my bookshelf is a copy of Charles Lindbergh’s book, “We.”  That, in and of itself is not unique.  However, inside the cover of this copy, is the signature of the original owner and, “The Arundel, Kennebunkport.”  Being from Texas, there is no need to have much knowledge at your immediate disposal concerning a state that’s over 1500 miles away.  However, I like to learn, so I set out searching for information about this place, The Arundel.  Pretty early on I found a 1939 Montreal Gazette newspaper advertisement, archived by Google news.

I love history, so this really set me off.  Then, I found a current website for the establishment, which is now called, “Cape Arundel Inn.” This terrifically lovely Inn is perched on a ridge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  I made a mental note, thinking that it might be a nice place to stay someday.
About a year later, as I was making plans to take a new job we realized we hadn’t vacationed in a while.  Without much time to deliberate, I suggested the coast of Maine.  My suggestion was with a touch of hesitation, my only research being that described above.  With the same adventurous spirit that affords me the freedom to buy the amount of avgas required to aviate each month; my wife was fully on board.  That was it, we were going to Kennebunkport, Maine.  We both looked at each other with that spousal gaze which seeks to discern whether or not he other person thinks the proposed idea is ridiculous.  In haste we reserved the airline flights, rooms and rental cars.Cape Arundel Inn
As it turns out, there are about six people in the State of Maine, all living over on the right hand edge.  Everything else is seaplanes, black bears, lighthouses, lobster and moose.  How can you not like a state whose official animal is the moose? As for aviation, how can you not like a state which requires some general aviation transportation to properly experience it’s wilderness gifts.

It was with curiosity and a touch of something with a magical quality that we embarked on this journey.  Due to limited time, we stayed mostly in the Kennebunkport area.  The goal of this getaway was to relax rather than power through a mountain of experiences.  Cape Arundel, as it turned out, was the perfect venue for this.  Our room looked out onto the Atlantic ocean with a superb restaurant called, “Ocean.”
I didn’t insist we visit any aviation museums or general aviation airports while we were there.  I thought it might be a welcome break for my wife, since I’m regularly telling her whatever new aviation related thing I’ve learned.  The withdrawal symptoms weren’t too bad.  I couldn’t really complain, since Lindbergh had practically been the cause of the trip.  I think we will return someday.  When we do, it must include some sea plane, general aviation mania.  Maybe we’ll attend the International Sea Plane Fly-in.  Until then, I’m busy trying to convince my wife of the wisdom in flying to our neighboring town’s Costco.
I’ll leave you with some poetry from Maine born, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

“And we stand from day to day,
Like the dwarfs of times gone by,
Who, as Northern legends say,
On their shoulders held the sky.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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