Billie Holiday, Coronavirus, and German Polka…

I just put on a Billie Holiday record and began messing with a podcast platform webpage for a podcast I haven’t yet launched. The songs on this record are about 2 and a half minutes long. As you may recall, record albums require that you get up and turn them over. What seemed like two minutes had passed. However, side 1 of the Billie Holiday record insisted otherwise. Undeniably there existed silence, save for the tick, click, tick as the record player insisted I act as enabler and turn the record over. On the way across the room to do just that, I realized I had been fiddling with the podcast platform for way more than a couple minutes. That’s when it occurred to me, one benefit of record albums is they serve as a veritable hourglass. In fact, they are the antithesis of social media, which persists ad infinium. What follows is essentially an airplane pilot while social distancing, some COVID-free aviation, Billie Holiday, Coronavirus, German Polka — reflecting.

Billie Holiday music on vinyl record

There’ll be something about flying in a sec… I promise!

The airplane pilot while social distancing

Oh yeah, “fiddling,” I just remembered I have a German polka record here somewhere. That would go nicely with my Bavarian Weissbier. Okay then! So, this is what happens with ‘shelter-at-home.’ I completely drift away from… (hang on, polka record needs a flip)… uh, yeah I drift away from whatever is the psyche of modern life and deep-dive into whatever I really prefer. Typically these things include, old records on my newish record player, through and old amp, and old but fantastically pleasing speakers. Or, I’ll study some aviation thing. Currently, I’m studying for my CFI (flight instructor certificate). Well, not currently! Currently I’m writing this bit here.

Only about 4 Polka Songs Left… Flying!

Ok, i’ll get on with it. I challenged myself to write to you on here within the span of these two record albums. There are only about four Polka songs left, and they’re short. Let’s get on with it then!

This past week, while sheltering-in-place, I had the opportunity to fly a friend over to Ft. Worth to pick up his plane which was having some maintenance done. You’ll find a bit of video here about that:

No touching!

Thanks for dropping by! I should move along. The record is almost over. Plus, the Weissbier will have me giving out account numbers and slandering idiots if I persist. Whether or not your routine during this interesting time includes, airplane pilot activities while social distancing, some COVID-free aviation, Billie Holiday,, German Polka — or simply reflecting, o, stay healthy, and don’t be a close-talker for a while.




How to do General Aviation during COVID-19? Easy, rock a lot of solo time. Easy!

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