Ah, another deranged pilot compelled to write about their love story with aviation. Okay, guilty as charged. I’m instrospective, reflective, and in becoming a private pilot, learned a great deal about myself. Yes, the private airplane is a great tool for personal and business travel, but there’s a great deal more if you choose to see it. The experience of flying has such metaphorical implications on so many areas of life. Perhaps that is what this is about.

Landing Lighted Edges
At right: the worlds most patient instructor….

Since earning my private pilot license, I’ve done a bit of flying, taken some notes, and a lot of photographs. I’ll unabashedly share my observations, experiences, and pictures in this space. If you gain something from what you find here, super. If you are unamused by yet another human-sapien defying the earthy tethers, soaring mere thousands of feet above the blue earth ball — that’s okay too (My applogies to flat-earthers. If we find out this thing is actually a spinning pancake, remind me to edit this bit) 🙂

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Deranged Pilot!