Podcast: Air Sickness, the TEMCO T-35 Buckaroo, and Punctual Tomfoolery

Don talks with his friend Kenny Smith about airsickness the TEMCO T-35 Buckaroo and more.

a COVID-free Flight

a social distancing, COVID-free Flight, Billie Holiday, Coronavirus, and German Polka…reflec

Flying to Dubuque² — who knew?

…having flown all day, while terrifically tired, were perfectly contented in a day fully lived.

A Flight to the Mountains

VFR flight, in particular, has in it’s essence a strong freeing quality. You don’t need most of the instruments; through sight picture and pilotage you can successfully get to where you aim.

Friends Who Fly Partial Panel (vacuum failure)

…my focus was trying to help Kenny have an enjoyable aviation experience. Flying partial panel with a friend didn’t exactly match my intentions.

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