Isn’t that Dangerous?

I sat across the table from the person sitting across the table from me. There were about 8 of us in this small, quirky establishment. I didn’t know the couple facing me, we’d just been introduced. After a few moments, word got out that I am a pilot. Hey, I’m cool with that! I love talking about flying.

Deranged Pilot Pic of Don
Deranged Pilot (the author)

Uh oh, but we have a safety conscious person here. Squinting into the dimly lighted space between us, the lady asked, “why do you do that, isn’t that dangerous — that sounds dangerous?” I love “why” questions! I love them because it’s hard to explain to the un-aviated, what the hell a Cessna 172 is, relative a Citation Ten. They’re both Cessna’s, right? But, why do you fly, I can connect that to many areas of nonflying life. This thing about safety though, there seems to be a lot of that going around lately.

Cessna_PIC Leftside view
View from a Cessna

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