CFI Update: Right Seat Landings, an epiphany!

CFI Update: Right Seat Landings, an epiphany! .0524. Drop me a line when this has meaning for you. 

Checklists & Pre-takeoff Mnemonics

Some years back. . .after I had been flying for a while, I became increasingly frustrated with the stodgy way in which I oriented to the checklist. I was committed to using it, but I felt like something was missing.

A Tale of 2.1 Flight Instructors

Go ahead and try it. Channel your inner Sean D. Tucker. Seriously, go to the bathroom mirror right now and begin practicing, “yeah baby!”

Around the World In Seven Years

Thanks Facebook, now I know it’s been a decade rather than four or five years since I was in that bar with that coworker. And why did I think that hair look was a good idea? Nice.

The Courage to Fly

“[…] learning to fly and the people involved — changed my life. They changed the way I see myself… they changed the way I see the world.”

Sticking Your Head In A Pillow Case — the Instrument Rating

I opined, “this has been very, very interesting… revealing — this whole studying, flying, and testing.” “It really tests your metal,” I said.

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