Next-level Your Radio Work with ATC

Tips from a former broadcaster to take your radio work with ATC next-level.

Can You Learn to Fly?

What brings us all together is that sense of exploration, adventure, and wonder when we look up to the sky and know we must be there.

Checklists & Pre-takeoff Mnemonics

Some years back. . .after I had been flying for a while, I became increasingly frustrated with the stodgy way in which I oriented to the checklist. I was committed to using it, but I felt like something was missing.

Joining a Flying Club

Want to fly affordably? Join a flying club. Things to consider when joining a flying club.

a COVID-free Flight

a social distancing, COVID-free Flight, Billie Holiday, Coronavirus, and German Polka…reflec

How Big is the Sky? (Birdstrike)

The undeniable breath of reality rushes in and demands to be breathed. The universe seems to demand an explanation of why you’re up from your perch.

A Tale of 2.1 Flight Instructors

Go ahead and try it. Channel your inner Sean D. Tucker. Seriously, go to the bathroom mirror right now and begin practicing, “yeah baby!”

New Experiences in the Air

For just a moment, at 1500 feet and beyond any evidence of modernity, imagination easily transported me to a time when these planes were the modern airships.

Altered Approach

Oh, and share that with your safety pilot so he’s not silently screaming in terror from the right seat.

Flying to Dubuque² — who knew?

…having flown all day, while terrifically tired, were perfectly contented in a day fully lived.

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