Air Venture Day 1 — Oh, I See

The Warbirds and a Swiss Fellow… and an Alaskan.

A Flight to the Mountains

VFR flight, in particular, has in it’s essence a strong freeing quality. You don’t need most of the instruments; through sight picture and pilotage you can successfully get to where you aim.

Private Pilot Window Seat — Flying Commercial

“There I was, camera in hand, window seat in my face… perfect.”

Friends Who Fly Partial Panel (vacuum failure)

…my focus was trying to help Kenny have an enjoyable aviation experience. Flying partial panel with a friend didn’t exactly match my intentions.

A Lost Aviation Treasure — Memorial Day (AUDIO)

Short interview with Thomas ‘Gene’ Rogers, a P-51 Mustang WWII crew chief

. . . and All Seemed Right With the World — Christmas Eve Flying

“As I pushed northward through the darkness of the cold Christmas Eve night, the cockpit was warm and cozy, and all seemed right with the world.”

Charles Lindbergh Invited Us On Vacation

“Everything else is: seaplanes, black bears, lighthouses, lobster and moose.”

Discovering Aviation Flying lesson in the P-51 Mustang

The engine roared to life, and I realized — there was no turning back.

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