Can You Learn to Fly?

What brings us all together is that sense of exploration, adventure, and wonder when we look up to the sky and know we must be there.

CFI Update: Right Seat Landings, an epiphany!

CFI Update: Right Seat Landings, an epiphany! .0524. Drop me a line when this has meaning for you. 

Checklists & Pre-takeoff Mnemonics

Some years back. . .after I had been flying for a while, I became increasingly frustrated with the stodgy way in which I oriented to the checklist. I was committed to using it, but I felt like something was missing.

Piper Wing Spar AD (updated)

What is your take? Obviously, climate, airframe hours, history of abuse, etc. all weigh in on the matter. I can’t help but be reflective of a sobering reality inherent in flying 30, 40, 50 year old airplanes.

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