Friday Fiction:[…] now about that courtesy car…(pilot calls county airport).


Confused City Employee, (condescending tone) “[…] Uh who were you attempting to reach?”

Call Center_final_file1701271767043

Aviator, “The airport.” “Seven – Xray – Gemini – Oscar.” “Ya know, Righteous Municipal Aerodrome?”

Confused City Employee, “Oh you need to call 999-555-XXXX — you’ll want to talk to Spud Gahzlepants, he’s with city hall.”

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Private Pilot Window Seat — Flying Commercial

Let’s Go to the Upper Left Corner 

To be a licensed pilot and fly on the airlines feels odd.  After all, you can check the weather, look up the flight plan on Flight Aware, and plot it all out — but you have no control — at all, which is probably best. Okay, you can’t fly the plane but you can get a window seat! For this flight, the window will reveal the earth between Texas and Oregon. 
In late February 2014, we traveled to Oregon with sister and brother-in-law. My wife and I had been there a couple years prior, and were stunned by it’s beauty, so much so, we returned with family.  

pnw 2014_4
Them — peering into the vastness

We found the Pacific Northwest to be a rather magical place. From Portland, for instance, you can quickly be on the coast, in the mountains, before waterfalls — the beauty is rather obsurd.

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