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Whatever you do in aviation, airline pilot, lineman, or simply love flying, the things we have in common far outnumber our differences. We are a select few, those of us fortunate to call ourselves — aviators.

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Pilots in their Habitat

We frequent museums and reflect on the history of our craft. Whether your airplane is a fast jet, or a low and slow flying vehicle of therapy, we are all students of aviation. Therefore, all are welcome here, as we explore the adventure, science, and awe that is aviation, and how it is analogous to life.

Guilty by Association

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By association, all of us are interested in aircraft maintenance, meteorology, and FAA regulations. However, at the end of the day aviation is about people. Our humanity, and all that implies, makes us pilots and aviation enthusiasts quite alike, no matter our background. Most humans, appreciate freedom, adventure, courageousness, challenges, and discovery — and other things like that. Let’s explore some of those here — together.


I hope you find the Sky Review aviation blog and AirTime aviation podcast to be the start of a great conversation. Read, listen, be inspired — go fly.

Post Scriptum for Aviation

In the pages of Sky Review and on the AirTime podcast, I will delineate the things I encounter and the people I meet on my aviation journey. Some entries will be educational in nature, many entertainment only, and others will be areas I think need acute attention. So, if you are an active aviator or long to become a pilot, feel free to join the conversation. Your comments, insights and contributions are valued and encouraged. Whilst it may be tempting to understand things in a binary way, often life is simply more whimsical than that. I find this glaringly apparent in the commission of aviation. Perhaps you do too. Welcome!

Cheers — Don M. Jones

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