What is General Aviation?

The answer to this question will conjure thoughts about small airplanes like the Cessna 172 and 150. However, we’d have to include a bit about jets, and business aviation at large. Then one qualifier would be to exclude the airlines and airline pilots. But that isn’t quite right.

Don Jones

Aviation — a Common Bond

Whether you are an airline pilot, working the airport ramp, or in search of your first flying job, what we have in common outnumber the things which segment the small group of us fortunate to call ourselves aviators. We all likely frequent museums to reflect on the history of our craft. While some of us may fly fast jets above the weather, all of us are obligated to be students of aviation, the weather, and all of the other things. Like the weather, all of us are interested in aircraft maintenance and best practices therein. Additionally, FAA regulations certainly ensnare all our flying pursuits. Finally, aviation is about people. Our humanness making our similarity far outweigh our differences. We hope you’ll find something informative and inspirational here.

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